Committee Composition

(As of May 26, 2021)

Board Audit Committee Compensation Committee Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee Technical, HSE & Sustainability Committee
Robin Birchall
Stephanie Hart
Jonathan Henry
Mike Jones
John Petersen



Giyani Metals Corp is committed to ethical practices and high standards of corporate governance. The following corporate governance principals and ethical guidelines, policies and charters describe Giyani’s commitment to promote clear, comprehensive disclosure and open communication with all of our stakeholders.

Our shareholders can communicate comments and feedback directly to the Board of Directors in writing to the following independent director(s):

John Petersen
Chair Corporate Governance & Nominating Committees
Suite 5300, Commerce Court West,
190 Bay Street, Toronto ON
M5L 1B9

All correspondence, with the exception of solicitations for the purchase or sale of products and services and other similar types of correspondence, will be forwarded to Mr. Petersen.